Object Permanence


When an object is hidden from view and all that is seen is the form of its shadow, its identity can be called into question. Typically, a shadow projects as a clear outline true to an object's original shape. In this project, the shadow falls upon an irregularly shaped, three-dimensional wall, obfuscating the natural silhouette. For each image a new wall is created. With purposeful construction, each shadow was sculpted onto the wall disguising the identity of the shadow caster.

In these images, the shadows creep from off-camera into the frame, reminiscent of the drama of film noir. Mysterious and distorted, the looming specter of the object can play tricks with the mind. The phenomenon of the brain trying to make sense of abstract shapes is known as pareidolia. This is evident here as the true form of each object is hidden. Instead, it is the viewer's perspective that projects meaning and identity onto the images.